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Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium


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Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium

Whale Puddle

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Pounding Rock and Roll rattles your eardrums and shakes the foundation of our dilapidating whale stadium --which is held up with construction jacks-- as you await a spectacle of dominance reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum.

A lone orca whale floats lifelessly in her tiny tank in the center of the arena, awaiting the call to perform the same monotonous show she's been doing twice a day, seven days a week, for 35 years. Her tank does NOT meet government standards, and the employees here at the park refer to it as "The Whale Puddle." It's okay though because, somehow, we got permission from the government and are allowed to keep her in this illegal tank. The fact that Lolita has been cramped in this tiny space doesn't really matter to us as long as WE don't get in trouble...obviously. Common sense should tell you that if we really cared about her well-being, we wouldn't have just been promising to build her a larger tank for 25 years to pacify the critics, we would have actually done it.

"I can proudly say, we have never spared labor or expense when it has involved an animal in need." Joan Caron (former Seaquarium Head trainer) said under oath to USDA inspectors in November, 1995.

Anyway, Lolita balances "trainers" on her nose, breaches out of the water, and cries out in her unique family dialect (even though she has no one to speak to). All this on command! Then again, if she doesn't do what she's told, the whistle isn't blown and Lolita isn't hand fed her dead fish.

Lolita is part of the Seaquarium family--the family of captive animals struggling to survive. She has been performing in this substandard tub for 35 years and has grown quite accustomed to her confinement and daily routines. Some say she's depressed and stressed out, nothing a little prozac can't fix. She does get moody at times. But, as long as she performs, we don't mind. We plan on working her until she dies, like all the other animals.
Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium

See, we have a 1-million-dollar life insurance policy on Lolita. When she dies, we'll make a lot of money and can simply buy another a car. After all, she is property.

So, would you pay $23.95 for this pathetic spectacle of dominance? Most people wouldn't, but there are plenty of people who have never been exposed to accurate information who will. The general public simply doesn't know the truth, that it's all about your money and our pockets. After all, Lolita has made The Miami Seaquarium around 150-200 million dollars in her 35 year sentence here. We market her as a spectacle of education and believe it or not people actually buy into it.

Lolita is a highly intelligent animal with incredible memory and social skills. While she was once a wild creature, now...we have her under our control. Mankind is truly powerful.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be determined by the way it treats its animals," - Mohandas Gandhi


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