Miami Seaquarium or Seaprison  
Lolita alone at the Miami Seaquarium



Florida Activists are Pulling Out the Stops

Seaquarium Protest

If she is not retired to a natural sea pen soon, she will die in that pathetic little tank.

Is that what Miami residents want? Is that what we, as a community, stand for? Lolita has served this community unwillingly for 33 years and made the Seaquarium a huge profit.

Join the growing number of former trainers, biologists, veterinarians, teachers, lawyers, students, and concerned individuals gathering outside the Miami Seaquarium every Sunday to protest Lolita's enslavement and demand her retirement.

After 33 years of service hasn't she earned it?

It CAN be done; it HAS been done; it MUST be done!

Seaquarium Protest

With your support, we can give Lolita a chance to be reunited with her real family, to experience the natural rhythms of the sea, to swim and play and socialize with other orcas, to find a mate and have her own baby, and to LIVE free from the exploitation, isolation, degradation, and cruelty of the captivity industry.

It's the right thing to do. Please join us!

NOTICE: Sunday Demos at Seaquarium
are temporarily suspended

Where: Miami Seaquarium
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami, FL 33149
When: Every Sunday from 11am-4pm.
Who: E-mail Val Silidker for details.

Check our or WSVN 7 FOX News Coverage
from Mother's Day 2003

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Go to How You Can Help for more on the campaign.

If you are planning on attending AR2003 conference in DC or LA this summer,
don't forget to stop by the Seaprison table and join the team.

And don't miss the screening of
Lolita: Slave To Entertainment
in the screening room.

Seaquarium Protest
Sea lion at Miami Seaquarium

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