Sample Letter to Princess - Use this as a guide.

Dean Brown
Princess Cruises
24844 Avenue Rockefeller,
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

June 6, 2003
Dear Sir,

It is with sincere concern and disappointment that I contact you today. I have been a customer of Carnival Cruises in the past, but will not continue to patronize your company in the future if current actions are continued. I am specifically referring to your new relationship with the Miami Seaquarium.

Many South Florida residents and tourists enjoy this local attraction, but do so out of ignorance and apathy. Those who are aware of animal behavior and psychology, particularly of cetaceans (whales, porpoises and dolphins) deem captivity to be offensive, exploitative and cruel. Lolita, the oldest Orca in captivity, has resided in one of the world's smallest tanks at the Miami Seaquarium for over 33 years. In your promotional advertisements your company states that "the Miami Seaquarium -- South Florida's most popular tourist attraction [is a] a champion for the appreciation of marine life…" Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Miami Seaquarium's "education" about marine life is actually a stark lesson to their patrons that they believe that humans have the right to capture, confine and neglect highly intelligent, profoundly sensitive beings for entertainment purposes. Whaling (including capture for entertainment) has been banned internationally, and only Japan and Norway persist in this activity; the world has spoken in regard to how we should treat whales specifically. Companies such as the Miami Seaquarium rely on base curiosity and ignorance in order to make money from their prized "cash cow". For most of her life, Lolita has been in a perpetual state of sensory deprivation and social purgatory.

To team with such a callous and disrespectful company tells me several things about your company: One, you either did not do the necessary due diligence before entering into a relationship with them, or you ignored the high amount of controversy surrounding the Seaquarium. Two, business is so bad as a result of the poor economy that your company will go to great lengths (and compromises) to keep revenues up. I sincerely understand the financial pressures your company must be facing. What I do not understand, however, is why a company with a solid reputation of providing a quality leisure experience such as yours would enter into such a risky relationship. This was simply a poor business decision.

If you wish to continue to keep my business and the thousands of local animal lovers who care about Lolita's plight, you must cancel this contract with the Miami Seaquarium. If you do not, I can guarantee that your company will get caught up in the controversy and near constant demonstrations and media coverage that this horrible atrocity in South Florida has attracted. If you wish to continue with this PR gamble, you will soon learn that not all media attention is good for business. In some cases, it can be devastating.

I hope you regard my words as sincere and thoughtful, and I hope you seriously look into the fact that you are participating with a company that is in violation of both State and Federal Anti-cruelty laws.


(Your Name)