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The Right Message

It is important when educating friends and family and speaking to the media, that the right message is delivered.

Lolita has served the Miami community involuntarily for 33 years. She WILL die in that concrete chlorinated box if she is not rescued and rehabilitated.

Captive orcas have a life expectancy far less than that of their wild relatives.

Marine Abusement Parks are FOR PROFIT businesses. There is NO concern for wildlife. It's all about money. PERIOD.

Wild animals are entitled to freedom and should NOT BE OWNED by exploitative money hungry corporations.

Captivity causes psychological damage to ALL wild animals. They begin to display repetitive behavior and signs of stress. This is obvious in all captive wild animals. Imagine yourself locked in a tank for 33 years...

Captive animals do NOT perform for fun, they perform for food. The trainers call this "Positive Reward." From Lolita's perspective it's "food Deprivation."

Lolita's tank (according to APHIS) must be a minimum of 45 feet across in either direction with a straight line of travel across the middle. Lolita's tank is a mere 35 feet from the from to the slide-out barrier. The barrier is ignored in APHIS reports.

Seaqurium officials have been lying to the public for 25 years. There will never be any new tank for Lolita. Dade County will not permit it.

There is nothing educational about the Lolita or "Flipper" shows. There are merely spectacles of dominance. Man dominating beast; that is the message our children leave the park with.

We gotta get her outa that place!!

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