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Miami Seaquarium Busted for Selling Alcohol to Minors Wednesday, April. 27, 2005
Tipped off by animal activists, an undercover investigation discovered the Seaqaurium repeatedly selling beer to a 19-year-old. Full Story

The Seaquarium Threatens Filmmakers and Activists with Civil Liberties Law Suit
Wednesday, March. 23, 2005

Rattle the Cage President, Timothy Gorski and VP, Valerie Silidker have been SLAPPed with a $300,000.00 lawsuit from the Miami Seaquarium trying to squelch their first amendment rights to free speech.

This comes in the form of a countersuit to the assault charges in 2002, when Seaquarium employees acted in violence, throwing Gorski down a flight of concrete stairs, simply for speaking his mind. They argue that employees thought Gorski had a bomb strapped to his chest and was a danger to the audience and Lolita and therefore needed to be removed with excessive force.

Because Gorski refused to settle with them (which would include forfeiting the film and the website) the Seaqaurium motioned to file a counter claim against him and Rattle the Cage vice-president, Valerie Silidker demanding over $300,000.00 in supposed damages, and a complete cease and desist of the award winning LOLITA film along with THIS parody website. They claim copyright infringement, trademark infringement, false display of negative material, false accusations of animal cruelty, conspiracy, evil motives, seeking personal gain, and unfair competition.

This is a parody website. The fair use section of the Copyright Act specifically enumerates criticism as one of the purposes for which the fair use defense is used. [FAIR USE]

You have all seen the film and the website. They are simply educational tools providing valid contradictory information needed for people to make educated decisions. We have done the research. The facts are there. And we know the law. This is a SLAPP suit designed to frighten and silence the filmmakers and activists.

>>>> any attorneys out there interested, please contact us immediately.

Man Suffers Head Injury from Swimming with Dolphins
Thursday, Oct. 7, 2004
Time and again the Miami Seaquarium has been charged with major safety violatins and has been cited for failure to provide proper safety fencing.

This wednesday night a man snuck into the facility and attempted to swim with the dolphins. Failing to realize that these animals are very strong and under a lot of stress he entered the water and was promptly headbutted by an upset animal.

While dolphin attacks and incidents happen regularly at facilities like the Seaquairum the marine parks are not required to report them. So swim at your own risk and remember, dolphins are wild animals and can be very agressive when under extreme stress of captivity.

More on swimming with dolphins.

Seaquarium releases 2 manatees
Wednesday March 3rd, 2004.
Once again, under pressure the Seaquarium released 2 manatees to generate positive press. It seems the park has a stockpile of captive manatees to release whenever they attract bad publicity, a common occurrence lately. But why only manatees with such an overcrowding of dolphins in the park?

1. Manatees cannot perform tricks for food so they are a liability to the park unlike dolphins.

2. The Seaqaurium actually gets paid to release manatees. The government issues grants to the facility for each manatee they liberate.

The Park is a Mess
Friday, Feb. 27, 2004
•Dolphin Show cancelled. The "Top Deck Tank" remains closed. We are patiently waiting for the structural report from the Dade County building inspector.
•The top of the round tank is unsafe and closed
•The first floor of the manatee is closed and appears to be crumbling.
There are still quite a few electrical hazards and around the park.

Top Deck Dolphin Show Closed Sunday, Feb. 1, 2004
The 50-year-old dilapidated round tank has been drained and closed for repair. Whether the repairs meet 2004 building code remains to be seen. The crumbling salt-infected structure is not being addressed, only the corroded leaking window frames. Five dolphins were relocated while the repairs are being made. The state of the dolphins is unknown at this time. We do know the pools in the back are getting very crowded.

Whale Stadium Re-Opened
Monday, Dec. 21, 2003
The Lolita stadium re-opened one month after being closed for life safety hazards. Unfortunately the stadium still does not meet minimum safety requirements. The emergency exits will not be sufficient at full capacity. And one exit is still blocked off with a chain and not wheelchair accessible. Apparently Miami Seaquarium cares as much for their patrons as they do for their animals.

Write to the Miami Dade Fire Marshal and ask why the Seaquarium does not need to comply to minimum standards. [Click Here]

Life Safety Inspection Report.
Monday, October 20, 2003
Dolphin Freedom Foundation hired an outside Safety Inspector to investigate the Seaquarium for potential hazards.
Although the Seaquarium claims to have made 90% of the repairs, certified Safety Inspector John Wallace, CSP MBA believes the facility is in dangerous shape.
(you need Adobe Acrobat to view this document) [GET ACROBAT HERE]

Seaquarium in hot water with
Fire Marshal

Source - Miami Herald, Sat, Oct. 11, 2003

Miami Seaquarium's operators, cited for 36 safety violations by Miami-Dade County fire inspectors, said Friday that they would add an emergency exit at the stadium housing Lolita the Killer Whale to avoid having to reduce seating capacity.

Miami building inspectors descend upon the Seaquarium after receiving undercover video from the Dolphin Freedom Foundation. County officials closed sections of the dilapidating park on Friday and threatened to shut down the entire attraction if correction aren't made.

Miami Seaquarium cited for code violations
Tipped off by an animal rights activist, Miami-Dade County building inspectors cited the Miami Seaquarium for a number of code violations that the attraction must fix during the weekend or face being shut down.
Posted September 13 2003

Seaquarium completes most-urgent repairs
The aging park now must submit a plan to Miami-Dade County building officials to take care of other problems within 30 days.
Posted on September 16, 2003

Without Warning, Miami-Dade County has leased more than six acres of lushly landscaped, publicly owned green space on environmentally sensitive Virginia Key to the Miami Seaquarium, which plans to pave it over for a 500-car parking lot.

Seaquarium Workers Ate Protected Sea Turtle A protected leatherback sea turtle that died at the Miami Seaquarium was made into soup by Seaquarium employees. - size 38.7K

Miami Seaquarium Attempts to
re-capture Keiko
to put him on display with Lolita.

WPLG Channel 10 News Editorial

An alarming number of safety violations at the Miami Seaquarium (AVI-1.2mb)

WPLG Channel 10 Animal Activists deliver evidence of serious disrepair to Dade County Building Inspector

that brought down the house.
Miami Seaquarium Unsafe for Visitors (AVI-6mb)

>NOTE: Videos make take
1-5 minutes to download depending on connection speed.

Photo Album

Poncho's Stomach Contents Revealed

Seaquarium Announces New Stadium for Lolita
Unfortunately it Never Happened

Lolita: Slave To Entertainment

The Award Winning Documentary an Entire Industry Doesn't Want You To See.

Lolita: Slave to Entertainment takes a disturbing look into the dark secrets of the multi-billion dollar aquarium industry (specifically the Miami Seaquarium) and questions human ethics in relationship to animals in entertainment. It is the tragic and compelling life story of Lolita, a Killer Whale on display in Miami Florida.

Check out the Official Movie Site and Get your Copy

Are Orcas Self aware?
Dolphins (orcas are the largest dolphin) are self-aware. The research determining this was reported at the last marine mammal biennial conference in Vancouver in 2001.

• Scientific American: Dolphin Self-Recognition Mirrors Our Own

• PBS Frontline: A Whale of a Business Debate
• Mayor Pinelis Abandons Lolita to die
• Dolphins For Dollar Scheme
• Keiko "Free Willy" news
• Successful Release
• Stomach Contents of a dead MSQ Dolphin

  VIDEO: Too Ugly for Show Business
(dolphin capture) ©CBS-Hardy Jones
1 minute (2.5mb AVI)

VIDEO: Behind the Fence. (Sea Lion enclosures at Miami Seaquarium 07/30/03).
The Sea Lion Enclosures. This is the harsh reality of a captive sea lion's world in between show times at the Miami Seaquarium. (1 minute, 1.5mb AVI)


Miami Seaquarium Spotty History
Seaquarium stadium

Illegal Tank Size
Education Versus Exploitation
Structural Hazards
•Failure to Provide Shelter
•Human Perks over Animal Care
•5 Sea Lions Electrocuted

Bottlenose Dolphin Swallow Wrench

Animal Protection Groups Stand Together
The number of animal protection organizations condemning
the Seaquarium for Animal Cruelty is Growing.

Zoocheck Canada
Humane Society of United States
Dolphin Project
Orca Network
Orca Conservancy
•Dolphin Freedom Foundation
Captivity Stinks
•Keiko, "Free Willy" Foundation
Earth Island Institute
•Stop Animal Neglect and Exploitation

Marine Connection
Lolita's Legion
Captive Animal Protection Soc.
Center For Whale Research
Whale & Dolphin Conservation Soc.
Last Chance for Animals
Progressive Animal Welfare Soc. (PAWS)
In Defense of Animals
Born Free Foundation
•Compassion Over Killing

Sponsors Abandon Seaquarium

Paul Mitchell hair products pulled their sponsorship of the Miami Seaquarium
in 1996. Spokesperson Linda Martens writes, "I hope your [Seaquarium] operation will improve or close down... I don't think they're doing what's right for the animals."

Coca Cola and Kodak are both proud sponsors of the Miami Seaquarium.

Princess Cruises currently endorses the Seaquarium. We are attempting to encourage them do the responsible thing and pull their sponsorship.

Click here to ask Princess to join the good fight.

Concerned Floridians Take Stand

Mother's Day2003 Activists lined up at the Seaquarium and WSVN FOX Channel 7 Was There.
"This park is a relic of the past and is in serious disrepair...."
~Val Silidker

Seaquarium News
Sea lion at Miami Seaquarium

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